Welcome to the World of Psychology. While psychology is a popular subject, a lot of people are not aware of the many elements of this broad and fascinating subject. It is with this reason that the team at Renaissance eServices, a specialised eLearning company and its partners decided to create Psychology World.

The four primary goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict, and change behaviour. In many ways, these goals are similar to the kinds of things you probably do every day as you interact with others. When dealing with a child, for example, you might ask questions like "What is he doing?" (describing), "Why is he doing that?" (explaining), "What would happen if I responded in this way?" (predicting), and "What can I do to get him to stop doing that?" (changing). This is the essence of what we teach via our online courses at Psychology World


Psychology World has a very robust ecosystem of an Eminent Academic Board, Robust Management Team, Trusted Institutional Partners backed by accreditation (applied) of our courses. Thus it makes a reliable Psychology education site to act as your “first step” in the World of Psychology.

Our endeavour is to help students and professionals get introduced to this fascinating world of Psychology and empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the evolving mental health and human development needs of our fast changing society