I have enrolled from your website and paid the fees, what next?

Acknowledgement of your fees is emailed by the payment gateway immediately. Next, please go to our "Redeem Vouchers" page, fill-in your details. On the voucher codes, select OTHERS and type PAYPAL in the text box. We will register you ASAP upon verifying your details. If you face any issue, please contact our ‘Help Desk’ (available at the Top right corner of all our pages).

I purchased a voucher from another website, how do I register?

Please go to our "Redeem Vouchers" page, fill-in your details with the voucher codes and we will register you within 48 hours upon verifying your details. Please ensure you fill in the correct details. Errors can cause delays in the registration process.

Why does it take 48 hours to register?

We try our best to register students ASAP. However, since we need to verify the payments and the student credentials from various countries, the verification process takes a bit of time.

Can I start the course immediately or do I need to wait for a particular date?

Yes, once you receive your log-in details you can start the course immediately. Please check your registered email with us, at times our emails can go to your SPAM folder. In case you do not hear from us even after 72 hours of registering, please give us a shout at our Help Desk.

Is Psychology World Accredited?

Psychology World® is an Open & Distance Learning Quality Council, UK accredited provider. ODLQC are the UK guardian of quality in open and distance learning and a member of the European Association of Distance Learning. The accreditation ensures that Psychology World® courses are amongst the best in the world.

How do I contact Psychology World?

The best way to contact us is using our Help Desk if you have registered with us or using the Contact Us page. We do not offer telephonic support at the moment due to the global nature of our students.

What kind of background do I need to have to do the courses; do I need to have a certain level of education?

The courses are open to everyone, irrespective of previous educational or professional qualifications. We have a very broad range of student backgrounds on our courses. We certainly recommend that our students have basic schooling qualifications to help them understand the subject.

Typical profiles of our students are people in ancillary professions who do the courses for their CPD (Continuing professional development) requirements. Our students include professionals such as Psychologists, Managers, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Probation officers, Prison wardens and Therapists.

The larger proportion of our students are young students who have a strong interest in the field of Psychology and would like to pursue this career path but don't want to take on the responsibility of a full degree until they are really sure the profession is for them. Quite a few of our students are Mothers / Housewives, Fathers, School leavers, People in recovery or family members affected by a loved one's addiction or other mental health issues.

When I finish the course what will the Certificate qualify me to do, can I call myself a Psychologist?

No, the course is NOT designed to bring students to practitioner level. People who wish to become a Professional Psychologist, Psychotherapist or Counsellor will need at least an undergraduate degree and in some parts of the world will need a Masters Degree or a Doctorate. Many of our students have started out their careers with our Diploma and are now working as fully qualified professionals in a wide range of fields within the psychology and management sector.

Who can I contact if I need support or guidance with my studies?

If you need support with any aspect of the course please use our Help Desk. We will endeavour to reply to your query within 48 hours.

Are there any assignments that I need to submit?

No, our pedagogy is different from other online education providers. There are no assignments to be submitted.

Is there an examination, before I get my certificate?

Yes, there is a timed exam at the end of the course. You need to score 50% or more to be awarded the Certificate.

I failed in my exam, what do I do? Can I retake the exam?

Our system allows you up to 3 attempts to pass the exam. If you are still not able to pass it, please contact our Help Desk. There is fee to allow you more attempts.

Can I complete the course before the stipulated time? Or if I get delayed, can I get an extension

All our courses are designed to be easily completed with-in 6 months from the day you register. Yes, you can complete the courses earlier, there is no restriction. After 6 months, you will NOT be able to access the course. If you wish to extend the duration, there is a fee per month. Please contact our Help Desk for details.

How do I get my Certificate? Do I need to wait for my Certificate?

Once you take the exam at the end of the course, you need to score 50% or more to obtain your Certificate. You will see an option to print your certificate on your screen OR save it as a PDF. The certificate is also automatically emailed to your registered email ID. There is NO WAITING period.

How much time do I need to study each week?

On average we recommend one to two hours of study per week depending up on your understanding of the subject.

Is the fee inclusive of everything? Do I need to pay any extra money?

The fee is inclusive of everything, there is no extra money that you need to pay for anything else. We have designed the courses in such a way that you should not need extensions. Even our examinations allow you three attempts for no extra fee. However, if you fail to complete the course in 6 months or if you fail in all 3 attempts at the examination, you can apply to re-sit the examination. Extensions are granted on a monthly basis at pro-rata fees from the end of your course.

Students who need extensions or to re-sit examinations will have to pay a fee of GBP 10.