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Job Search Strategies  

COURSE NAME: Certificate Course in Job Search Strategies

FEES: £ 99 / US$ 155 / € 131

PRELUDE: The number of people looking for a job is increasing every day. The reason could be due to unemployment, underemployment, discontentment with the existing job or career advancement. However most people are unaware of the fact that between 50% to 80% of jobs never come to employment sites, recruiting agencies or are advertised. These are filled by employers through other channels and references. This course has been designed to help job searchers understand, prepare and face their job search for successful employment.

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The Certificate Course in Job Search Strategies along with a FREE eBook containing a case study of employment search by a teacher is an exhaustive guide to understanding how one should search for a job. It also includes content related to the Psychological principles to understand the complexities and emotional upheaval during the search and how to handle rejection.

SUITABLE FOR: People looking to improve their job, change their career, unemployed people, fresh graduates, students, managers, supervisors, coaches, academic institutes and anyone else looking for employment.


CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Completion


Downloadable eBook: Yes

PROGRAM APPROX. Length: Six Months



  • Define Job Search
  • Steps of an Ideal Job Search
  • Role of Networking
  • The ‘Hidden’ Job Market
  • Job Search Rules to Break
  • Evaluating an Unsuccessful Job Search
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Tips for Effective Job Search
  • Closing Thoughts

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Certificate Course in Job Search Strategies