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Cat Psychology  

COURSE NAME: Certificate Course in Cat Psychology

FEES: £ 99 / US$ 155 / € 131

PRELUDE: Are you a Cat Person? According to a Veterinary Survey in 2010 people who are more highly educated were 1.4 times more likely to own a cat than a dog. Of course this does not imply that cat people are smarter than dog people but that there's a link between higher education and longer work hours.

Cats are less time-consuming than dogs, and so people who work longer hours will be more likely to choose cats as pets to fit in with their work life. Cats are amongst the world’s most popular pets, found living the good life alongside humans across the globe. However, their past and behaviour has been a little bit more of a mystery.

This self-paced Online Certificate course on Cat Psychology acts as a guide and resource to help you understand cats better.

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The course takes you on a 360 degrees view about cats. It provides insight about their origins, behaviour, development, problems and basic training. The course also covers some myths and legends about cats, their upkeep and health and caregiving of older cats.

SUITABLE FOR: Cat owners, Cat lovers, novice trainers, and cat carers of all ages.


CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Completion


PROGRAM APPROX. Length: Three Months



  • Know about the origins of cats
  • Understand about the different breeds of cats
  • Know about some common myths and legends about cats
  • Know about the physical and psychological development of kittens
  • Understand how positive and negative reinforcement can shape or change your cat’s behaviour
  • Know how the development of cat’s behaviour depends both on genetic and environmental factors
  • Understand how cats provide verbal and non-verbal clues to convey their message
  • Understand the natural behaviours of cats
  • Understand the problem behaviours of cats
  • Describe the social behaviour of cats
  • Know about the unusual behaviours of cats
  • Describe inappropriate aggressive behaviour problems and their causes
  • Understand the maternal behaviour of your cat
  • Know about the sexual behaviour of male and female cats
  • Understand the signs and causes of feline stress
  • Understand the easy rules of training your cat
  • Know how to stop your cat from hunting
  • Know how to keep your cat from chewing on plants
  • Understand how to introduce a cat to a cat
  • Understand how to introduce a cat to a dog
  • Know about the ways to litter train your cat
  • Know about the ways to keep your cat happy and healthy for a lifetime
  • Know about how to deal with cat allergies
  • Know about how to take care of your older cat

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Certificate Course in Cat Psychology