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Dog Psychology  

COURSE NAME: Certificate course in Dog Psychology

FEES: £ 99 / US$ 155 / € 131

PRELUDE: One of the most common mistake a dog owner can make with his dog is to misread what the dog is trying to say or convey. The dog's body language says one thing, and we interpret it into something completely different, basing our assumption on what we ourselves are feeling.

In reality, dogs see and read the world much differently than us humans. If we humans better understood our dogs, we could prevent many dog behavioural issues.

This self-paced Online Certificate course on Dog Psychology acts as a supplement to your Dog training solutions. The course offers guidance on topics ranging from Dog Evolution to Behaviour and Training using principles of psychology.

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The course will enable you to understand what your dog is trying to say through his body language and vocal communications, be aware of any unusual behaviour displayed by your dog, understand and analyse the cause of problem behaviour and provide appropriate solutions to overcome those, and provide basic Obedience Training and Behavioural Training to dogs to make them a desirable pet.

SUITABLE FOR: Dog owners, dog lovers, dog trainers, dog carers of all ages.


CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Completion


PROGRAM APPROX. Length: One Months



  • How do dogs influence mankind
  • Dog Psychology and its relevance
  • Evolution of Dog
  • Intelligence of a Dog
  • Dog Sense
  • Dog Personality
  • Body Language of a Dog
  • Behavioural Development in a Dog
  • Learning Theories
  • Training Methods
  • Behavioural Training
  • Obedience Training
  • Crate Training
  • Specialised Training

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Certificate Course in Dog Psychology