Renaissance eServices

Renaissance eServices has been built on the edifice of combining excellence with the much needed relevance to contemporary needs. It started as a training & development company and quickly moved to eLearning courseware & media development. It currently offers eLearning media development, eLearning courses for higher education, eLearning subtitled visual learning courses for k12, eLearning migration services and open source eLearning LMS'.


AIBF is a not for profit organisation registered in England and Wales and headquartered in London. The main purpose of the forum is to facilitate and promote Education and business activities from across the globe, with a focus on developing Africa.

NRI Foundation

NRI Foundation helps mobilise financial, intellectual and professional resources of Indians abroad for their mutual development and advancement. It also encourages interaction between communities of Indians abroad on a global level to deliberate and decide on common issues and problems facing them including education and technology.

Edenfield International

Edenfield International Pty Ltd is an Australian based E-Learning development company which specialises at bringing to market the very best of Entertaining and Educational learning products, specifically designed for the Online E-Learning markets. They offer both bespoke and core E-learning solutions and E-learning courses and ensure that the products that are offered are of the highest quality, packed with structured content and fun to use.